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WiFi electricity meter for single-phase systems. Plug and Play this energy meter in any braker of your fuse box.

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Mirubee helps you make visible the invisible! Mirubee is a home energy monitoring system in the cloud that allows you to know everything about the electricity consumption in your home. Discover the energy usage of each individual appliance, look at the instant power in real time, adjust the contracted power, choose the best electricity rates, improve habits of use of energy, etc.

There are other similar systems but mirubee is the only one that offers appliance-level information using one only main meter installed in the fuse box of the home. There is no need for using smartplugs (individual meters) on each appliance anymore!

This innovative feature of mirubee is called NILM technology (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring). It is a software that analyze and identifies the electrical signatures produced by appliances when using electricity.

Moti meters are really unique. The patented design makes installation very easy, allowing total integration in the electricity board. This way, meters get always protected and hidden inside the electricity board. The possibility to totally hide the meter is interesting not only for aesthetical reasons, but it is also valuable in places where you need to prevent access and manipulation of the meter (e.g. tourist appartments).

Moti meters are not equipped with internal memory, as a difference to the mirubox meters.

It is important to take into account that Moti meters need CALIBRATION to ensure accuracy. Calibration is a simple procedure that requires the usage of another "portable clamp" meter to get a current reference. During the installation it is needed to go to the "calibration" section of the mobile app and introduce the "actual" instant current, so that the device gets properly calibrated.

Moti are powered directly from the electric board (without batteries) with magnet connectors, no tools required for installation. Energy usage is sent to the cloud via WiFi. It is important that you ensure to have good WiFi coverage in the electric board of your home (at least two strips in the WiFi icon of your smartphone).

IMPORTANT: The Moti1 is suitable for metering SINGLE PHASE systems (the most common in homes). It is not suitable for three-phase systems.

MIRUBEE PLATFORM: It is important that you know that you can visualize measured data through a mobile app or a web access. Basic functions of visualisation and data download up to one year will allways be for free. However, in the following months there will be other "professional" features that will not be free, like multi-site management, API connecion, etc.


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WiFi electricity meter for single-phase systems. Plug and Play this energy meter in any braker of your fuse box.